Depression & Anxiety: Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Depression, anxiety and diminishing mental health is on the rise not only in the United States but Worldwide. As a matter of fact, 121 million people currently suffer from some form of depression.

Every year, 13 million to 14 million Americans have major depression. Of those who seek treatment, 30% to 40% will not get better or fully recover with standard anti-depressants.

The reason for the increase and society’s role is regularly disputed. The bottom line however, is most treatment solutions simply have not gone far enough fast enough to help those severely suffering with depression and anxiety.

Therapy and medications like anti-depressants are commonly used to treat their symptoms. Medications, however, tend to require a trial and error period and extensive time to evaluate effectiveness. In cases where medications have been unable to control symptoms (sometimes for years) solutions can seem out of reach.

At Pioneer Pain Management hope and solutions may be available for those suffering the most. Ketamine Infusion treatments have been known to provide almost immediate results. Patients commonly experience substantial and lasting relief from depression symptoms in their first treatment.

This therapy option is extremely regulated. Pioneer Pain Management offers dedicated Ketamine Infusion Therapy facilities under the constant care of board-certified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists. Their experience with Ketamine Infusion Therapy allows them to recognize and treat any possible side effects that may arise during your treatments.

A few such examples of their specialized training include, blood pressure regulation and advance airway techniques. Pioneer Pain Management is one of the few centers with this advanced level of medical attention devoted to each Ketamine Infusion patient. This ensures the patients’ utmost safety during the treatment and beyond.

The team of doctors at Pioneer Pain Management are “pioneers” in the field of Pain Management and depression and anxiety. They have over 22 years of combined experience and success utilizing Ketamine Infusion Therapy for patients. Patients have traveled across the United states seeking the expertise of Pioneer Pain Management.

If your depression has not been well controlled with medication and/or your medical professional has indicated you may benefit from non-traditional treatments, Ketamine Infusion Therapy may be an option for you. Finally, depression help and hope may be just a phone call away. The procedure is completely painless and comfortable for the patient. For more information on Ketamine and what to expect during an infusion treatment contact us at 772-446-4883

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